Best Ways To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts in 2020 – Complete Guide

Hello friends, welcome to my website in this post we are going to explore Best Ways To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts in 2020.

In this time many people are grow their career on Digital Marketing and many people are passionate to be a Blogger and Content Writer.

In this case, you must have to learn how to write SEO Friendly Post that rank faster on Google SERP. So, to solve this problem I explain Best Ways To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts in 2020.

If you are interested to learn all details then keep reading up to last of the blog post.

Writing an awesome blog that is SEO perfect and fully optimized is the most crucial step for any blogger during his start. Knowing ways to write SEO friendly blog posts is very crucial and important.

It helps the blogger to rank their blog posts higher on Google Search Results. We can explore a lot of ways or techniques to enhance your blog making it SEO friendly.

Moreover, you should never forget the dominance of unique content. Moreover, the relevance of the content with the domain such as health, food, technology is important in which you will be working.

In addition, creating user-friendly content. Many bloggers aren’t able to meet up with unique and optimized content which can be considered as SEO friendly.

Also, copying information through other online sources such as other blogs or channels leads to plagiarism and you may face penalties.

This leads us to realize, know, and recognize the importance of good content apart from SEO.

So, let me share with you insights and information on different ways of writing blogs that are SEO optimized and users can relate.

Why Should you Write SEO Friendly Posts?

When you want to build your career on blogging and content writing field then you must have to write all content SEO Friendly that rank on Google’s First Position.

All blogger’s trying to improve their blog rank into Google First page and 1st position because more visitor is equal to more money.

Mainly in the case of google ranking SEO is very important point. So, all people those who wants to grow digital they focus on SEO.

Mainly there are two types of SEO one is On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO here SEO Friendly is comes under On-Page SEO.

Here is Off-Page SEO Means mainly Backlink to know all details about backlink then visit the below Link.

Understanding the Value of Backlinks to Rank #1 on Google

When you write a Proper SEO Friendly post with proper On-Page SEO then the blog post rank quickly on Google SERP.

So, you must have to write SEO Friendly post to rank on Google as we point more visitors more money.

Now is the time to know the Ways to Writing Blog Posts Which Are SEO Optimized. so, read the below sections to learn all processes.

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Ways on Writing Blog Posts Which Are SEO Optimized

SEO Friendly Blogs are of a decent or good amount of keyword findings and research. In addition, efforts and accuracy to be aligned and synchronized with the reader or user should be in place.

A blog that is published is written in different ways and methods. This is done so that a user can relate to and gain some meaningful information or knowledge.

So, let’s discuss different strategies and ways while writing SEO Friendly Blog Post :

1. Keyword Research is the basic foundation for your first blog post and  one of the most important ways to write SEO friendly blog posts

Before writing any blog post, make a decision or plan-out for which topic you are writing for. After deciding the content, then comes the role of keywords to hunt for.

Keywords are simply the search terms or queries inserted or typed by the user in Google Search. Thereafter, as per Google’s Algorithm, the most relevant websites having those search terms or keywords are shown to the user.

These will be on the first page in the search engines which include Google or Bing.

Explore and hunt down for search queries or keywords which will be of maximum or highest search volume but minimum or zero difficulties.

You may take the assistance of different keyword tools or software for this task.

Some of them for this task include Ahrefs, SEMrush, and free tools such as Uber Suggest for the same.

Moreover, Zero difficulty simply means you will be needing no backlinks or only 1. This will aid in making your website rank at the topmost or highest in the search results.

2. Proper use of keywords in Titles and Meta-description is also one of the most important ways to write SEO friendly blog posts

After doing an extensive search for the relevant query or the keyword for your post, include it in the title of your blog and meta-description for optimization.

Making the title and meta-description optimized according to the chosen keyword is very crucial for any blogger.

Search engines will be successful in identifying the blog post and can crawl easily and index your website accordingly.

The slug of your informational blog should include the keywords which make it easier for Google bots to crawl and index.

3. Gather information for the content and populate with relevant keyword findings

You will be now writing content or information in your blog post. This informational content should be free of errors, plagiarism, and unique to the users.

The minimum number of words that I recommend for any blog post will be 500-750 words. Put efforts or attempts to pitch your own thoughts, ideas, and brainstorming for the content part.

You may take help from other sources only for brainstorming and gathering some ideas to go for. But again, the information is written in a special and unique manner.

Moreover, it will be plagiarism-free. Moreover, one bonus tip is that the longer the content with relevant information, the better the chances of your post getting ranked the highest or at the top.

4. Use of Alt-tags and Copyright Free images within your blog content is one of the important ways to write SEO friendly blog posts

Alt tags that are applied to images within your content are very beneficial from an SEO perspective.

Alt tags consist of alt attributes and descriptions which are part of image tags and are HTML attributes.

The information given in alt attributes and description helps Google bots to understand the relevance of the page and information to the given search query by the user.

This helps in boosting or upgrading your page ranking to higher levels. Moreover, choose wisely while choosing images all the time.

As each and every image you will be placing within the informational content or blog should be free or have your copyrights.

You can go for images that are snapped by you or which are loyalty free.

Some of the websites such as  Pexels, Pixabay to name a few provide royalty-free images to be used anywhere for your creative content, blog, or any other work.

5. Backlinks for your Posts on high authority websites

Backlinks are the main game-changer in the world of SEO. When a website ‘A’ points a link to your website ‘B’, you are getting a backlink from ‘A’.

This helps in gaining trust for your website in the eyes of Google and increasing your authority.

You need to go for backlinks using white hat techniques such as guest posting,  making informational content for humans to read to name a few.

Also, never do spamming or illegal SEO activities that are against the policies of different search engines.


Lastly, I explain all things on Best Ways To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts in 2020 – Complete Guide that I was experienced on my career.

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You will for sure able to index your website and increase your ranking.

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