Understanding the Value of Backlinks to Rank #1 on Google

Hello dear friends, welcome to my website in this post we are going to understanding the value of backlink to rank #1 on Google.

Every digital marketer, SEO expert, or content creator knows the importance and understands the value of backlinks in the field of digital marketing.

Understanding the value of backlinks also makes you proficient with SEO skills which are very helpful as a digital marketer.

These search engines include Google, Bing etc. where millions of users comes every today to search various topics, queries etc.

Backlinks helps in telling the search engines that the authority of the website is high and trust worthy.

In this manner, search engines are able to index your website for higher rankings when a user is searching on these search engines.

So, let me help you in knowing the importance and understanding the value of Backlinks.

What is Backlink?

Before discuss anything we must have to know what is backlink? The Backlink is a Link which refer to another website or webpage from a particular Post or Pages of a website or of a Webspage.

Also, the backlink plays very important role in the SEO, and Google Ranking so, the backlink is very important at this time.

At this time if create more valuable backlink for your website then there are 100 times chance you got the position in the first page.

So, there are all blogger focus the backlink side and wants improve their Off-Page SEO to get better Ranking.

There are various Types of Backlink let’s know the types of Backlink in the below paragraph.

Types Of Backlink:

There are mainly two types of Backlink and these are list in the below paragraph.

  • Do-Follow Backlinks
  • No-Follow Backlinks

Do-Follow Backlinks: The Do-Follow Backlink Means the Backlink by which Google Crawler follow the website, also, people can visit the website by the backlink.

No-Follow Backlink: The No-Follow Backlinks mean the Backlink by which Google Crawler not follow the website but people can easily via the link.

Understanding  the Value of Backlinks in 2020

Backlinks are simply links on a webpage pointing to another webpage to explore more information with respect to what user is searching for.

Example : If there is a website X providing some useful content or information on good eating habits. Now, within the content of website X, it points to website Y for some more valuable information in depth through hyperlinking.

So, the website Y is getting a backlink from website X. 

Now the traffic from website X will be going to website Y for more information. Make a note of this that the both the websites directly or indirectly lies within the same niche or related topic. 

In this manner, search engines are also able to understand the authority of the website through backlinks. Authority can be simply understood as how many different websites are pointing to  a particular website.

This makes it easier for the website with backlinks to gain trust and authority in the eyes of search engines.

Moreover, you need to understand that the maximum number of backlinks for a particular or your website, in my case, careeroven, leads to maximum probability of ranking at the top of search engines whether Google or Bing.

Focus on Quality but not Quantity


Search engines only trust those websites whose backlinks are in context with the niche of the website. But most importantly doing analysis of other websites as well.

This means that a website based on health cannot get a backlink from a website based on government jobs.

So, if you are getting backlinks from websites that are far different from your niche or domain, this is in some manner creating bad impression in the eyes of search engines.

You should aim for getting quality backlinks but not quantity. Many webmasters or marketers focus on just getting maximum number of backlinks for their website which is a bad practise.

You should always aim for getting only quality backlinks which is in context with the niche of your website.

Moreover, providing meaningful backlinks which help users to get more useful and valuable information that they are searching for on the internet.

Moreover, you can do some backlink analysis using various marketing tools such as ahref, SEMrush etc.

Understand whether the Backlink is Do-Follow or No-Follow

You should understand the importance of backlink whether it is Do-Follow or No-Follow.

Do follow backlinks are simply those backlinks which tells the search engines that the links pointing to other website are trust-worthy and search engines  can accept it as proper backlink.

However, No-Follow backlink is simply those which are pointing to other website but the source of backlink is not conveying the message whether the backlink is trust-worthy or is not guaranteeing to search engines about its trustworthiness.

You should always aim for getting backlinks which are always do-follow backlinks.

How to Get Backlinks?

Getting valuable backlinks for your website is one thing that every webmaster or digital marketer finds a little difficult. Getting quality backlinks for your website includes reaching out to various other blog channels, websites etc for guest posting.


Guest posting is simply to write a guest blog post on different websites and providing valuable content and information to the audience of those websites.

In return, the website where you are doing guest blog post will provide a backlink to your website. This helps in getting recognition and a quality backlink pointing to your website.

Secondly, you can do some extensive research of other websites to check whether there are any broken links.

If so, you can inform the owner or webmaster about the same and pitch your content or information which is updated and providing more information in depth.

In this manner, you are again able to get some valuable backlinks to your website.

You can also do some outreach by contacting various well known bloggers or journalists for guest blogging and stuff. Put emphasis on building internal links which are valuable and meaningful.

Also, writing testimonials on various authority websites can help you in getting quality backlinks for your website.

Also, if you need any Blogging Related help you can visit Soumya Help. The Site Soumyahelp.com helps all beginner bloggers.


Finally, you have learned all details about Understanding the Value of Backlinks to Rank #1 on Google.

If you like the post then share your knowledge with your friends via social media and if you have any doubt then comment below I definitely help you.

To conclude, backlinks play a major role and critical factor in helping websites to rank at the top of various search engines.

So, you should focus on getting quality backlinks for your website and to go with proper strategies and techniques to acquire it.

Also, keep it a priority to focus on quality rather than quantity while getting the backlinks.

Moreover readers, you may get in touch with me at chirag@careeroven.com or contact me here in case of any valuable suggestions or feedback regarding backlinks.

I will be happy to give useful information and knowledge on the topic of backlinks. Since I do have some good experience on this topic by working on my website as well.

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