How to Remove ‘Uncategorized’ Category in WordPress Website.

Hello Dear Friends, welcome to my website in this post we are going to explain How to Remove the ‘Uncategorized’ Category in WordPress Website.

Learn about how to Remove ‘Uncategorized’ or Default Category in WordPress. In WordPress, a lot of themes are available according to the niche of your website.

However, while grouping content, many of us find the default category named as ‘uncategorized’ of no use most of the time. 

As a beginner or even intermediate, sometimes it becomes confusing to delete this category.

Moreover, it is by default in WordPress and no option for deletion is available.Grouping content under different categories allows the users to understand and differentiate the given information as per their search requirements.

If no category is provided for any piece of content, it is by default placed under ‘Uncategorized’. This results in different content such as travel, technology, marketing to name a few mixed together.

As a result, there is a lot of confusion among users understanding the niche of the website.

By this guide on how to remove the ‘uncategorized’ category in WordPress, I will provide you all the steps to delete the uncategorized category with ease.

In other words, how to remove the default category in WordPress.



Why Should you Remove ‘Uncategorized’ Category from your website?

Basically, there are many bloggers in the industry at this time and Millions of new blogs created every single day in different categories.

All new blogs are created in a particular category so, these types of blogs are completely niche-oriented so, that type of blogs need only one category.

If they have a default category like Uncategorized so, they have to change it all time and if they removed the Uncategorized then don’t need to change the Category.

This saves their time and many times when someone writes blog posts it skips on the mind to change the category. So, it is very important to change the Default and to know How to Remove ‘Uncategorized’ Category in WordPress Website.

If you remove ‘Uncategorized’ Category in WordPress Website then it is more help to you when you are a blogger.

So, let’s dive in to understand the necessary steps, must follow these steps to change properly…

How to Remove ‘Uncategorized’ Category in WordPress

 1. Go to WordPress Dashboard and Click on Categories under Posts

To remove the ‘uncategorized’ category in WordPress, go to your WordPress Dashboard and you need to click on Categories under Posts.

Here, you can add or delete any category that you created manually.If there is no other category created by you apart from ‘Uncategorized’, request you to create one.

This demo category will be required in the deletion process of the ‘Uncategorized’ category. To add a new category, you need to give the category information and slug which is mandatory.

The description is optional but as per your theme requirements.

An example can be ‘Career in Tech’ as my category name and slug will be career-in-tech. You can provide a description to give some brief about the category. 

How to Remove 'Uncategorized' Category in WordPress Step 1

2. Go to Settings and Click on Writing

You need to go Settings > Writing in your WordPress Dashboard as soon as all changes are done.

After creating a demo category, you need to go to the Writing option which can be found under Settings. For instance, this option is available on the left side of the menu bar in the WordPress Dashboard.

Steps on How to Remove 'Uncategorized' Category in WordPress Step 2

3. Change the default option of ‘Uncategorized’ from the Default Post Category Field

After clicking on writing, you will be landing at Writing Settings. Change the settings of the Default Post Category field only.

Change the default option from ‘Uncategorized’ to the demo category that you just created or any other category as per your choice. You only need to do these changes.

Moreover, don’t change any other settings in the Writing Settings.

How to Remove 'Uncategorized' Category in WordPress in 2020 step 3

4. Do the required changes and Save to  Remove ‘Uncategorized’ Category

After doing the required changes, You need to click on Save Changes. After clicking, your default post category field shifted from ‘Uncategorized’ to the demo category that you just created.

Alternatively, you can choose another category as per your choice created previously apart from the demo category. Moreover, only these changes should be affected in the Writing Settings.

Steps on How to Remove 'Uncategorized' Category in WordPress in 2020 step 4

5. Go back to Categories under Posts to Remove ‘Uncategorized’ Category

Now, you need to go back to Categories under Posts.  As soon as the changes are done and saved, go back to categories.

How to Remove 'Uncategorized' Category in WordPress in 2020 step 5

6. Click on DELETE option under Uncategorized Category

Go back to the ‘Uncategorized’ category and you will be able to see now the option to DELETE. Now, you are able to delete or remove the ‘Uncategorized’ category.

Therefore, you can simply click on the delete option to proceed. 

How to Remove 'Uncategorized' Category in WordPress in 2020 step 6

7. Click OK when Pop-Up appears

Click on OK when the pop-up appears. Thereupon, a pop-up or dialog box appears as soon as you click on the DELETE option.

This pop-up confirms that you are allowing to permanently delete the ‘Uncategorized’ category and you can click on OK for the same.

Steps on How to Remove 'Uncategorized' Category in WordPress in 2020 step 7

8. ‘Uncategorized’ Category removed and deleted in WordPress

Congratulations 🥳  The ‘ Uncategorized’ category deleted by WordPress. Now, you can add freely different categories as per the content of your website, and the ‘ Uncategorized’ category not shown anymore.

In addition, the ‘Uncategorized’ category not shown by WordPress anymore.

How to Remove 'Uncategorized' Category in WordPress in 2020 Final

To, conclude, I hope that this information regarding removing the ‘Uncategorized’ category in WordPress is useful to you.

Additionally, this information is especially helpful for bloggers and content creators using WordPress at Beginner Level.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily remove the default post category in WordPress.

In addition, if you need any help or guidance regarding WordPress or any other technical queries, you may reach out to me at or contact me here.

Final Thought:

Finally we are discuss all details How to Remove ‘Uncategorized’ Category in WordPress Website.

I hope you understand all information of How to Remove ‘Uncategorized’ Category in WordPress Website.

If you have any doubt then comment below and if you understand well and like the post then share with your friends on scoial media.

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