How To Embed Tweet On WordPress Websites in 2020 [Guide]

Hello, Dear Friends, welcome to my website. In this post, we are going to explore How To Embed Tweet On WordPress Websites and its benefits.

At the present time, there is much competition in the blogging field so, bloggers are trying a different method to engage their users and audience.

In this process twitter play an important role and let’s learn all details about it. Are you interested to know… if yes continue till the end.

Twitter is one of the best and successful social media sharing and engagement platform available in this digital world. Twitter has the power to connect and engage with a large number of audiences across borders.

This makes every webmaster or website owner have a good social online presence on these social media engagement platforms.

Every website owner or developer using WordPress should know how to embed a tweet on WordPress websites to connect with users.

Tweets about your blog posts, recent updates, services, etc. help reach millions of users on the Twitter platform.

This microblogging platform helps you in posting short posts often referred to as tweets.

These tweets have the power to hyperlink with your website URL while sharing a snippet of your blog post.

So, let’s understand the basic steps on how to embed a tweet on WordPress websites to increase user engagement.

Benefits of embedding Tweets On Your Website.

Tweets provide a lot of benefits for webmasters or website owners which makes them go for this wonderful social sharing platform.

Tweets have the capability of reaching a global audience and creating awareness or promoting your findings, blogs, stories to name a few.

Twitter Embedding

Moreover, you will automatically a wider audience through tweets and re-tweets which is totally organic. This platform provides the opportunity to establish and build a relationship with users, customers, leads, etc.

Embedded tweets on your website signify that you are taking one step ahead to connect with the user.

This can include answering their queries, feedback, suggestions, and criticism, etc.

This also helps in expressing your real personality which helps in connecting with users.  By these tweets, you will be also receiving feedback for your content or work through comments, posts, direct messages, tags, etc.

Through tweets on Twitter,  you will be always updated regarding the latest news or feeds related to your niche. While using Twitter, posting about your services, offerings, products, or posts before initial release helps in creating a buzz.

This also helps with online marketing and creating a buzz around your potential customers.

Some of the potential ideas to tweet about include new blog posts,  research work, and publications, webinars, etc.

You also need to follow and respect the guidelines given on the platform to avoid spamming or getting banned.

Ways of Embedding Twitter Tweet in WordPress Website

There several ways you can embed to twitter tweet in your WordPress website so, now is the time to explain how you can embed Tweet in the WordPress website.

There are two process to embedding twitter tweet in the WordPress and that are listed below.

  • Embedding Tweets in the Post or Pages
  • Embedding Tweets in The Website Home Page or FrontPage.

Now is the time to share How To Embed Tweet On WordPress Websites. So, now follow the below steps to embed tweets on your website.

Steps Embedding Tweets in the Post or Pages:

If you want to embed Twitter Tweets in the WordPress Website’s Posts and Pages then you have to follow the below Steps that i mentioned in the below paragraph.

  1. Add New Posts and Pages Or Open An Existing Post & Pages
  2. Click On Add New Block.
  3. Search For Twitter
  4. Copy The Tweet URL from Twitter That You want to Embed.
  5. Paste the URL and Press Enter

If you really wants to embed the Twitter Tweets in the post and Pages the Follow the Full Step Guide in the below paragraph.

#1 Add New Posts and Pages Or Open An Existing Post & Pages

If you want to Embed Twitter Tweets in your post then you have to first decide that where you want to Embed Tweets like the existing posts & Pages or in new Posts and Pages.

Then you have to open Existing post & Pages in other hand you have to Add New Posts & Pages

After Add a new page or post now you have to choose in which place you want to embed tweets according to this you choose the place.

2# Click On Add New Block

Are you know how to add a new block if you know then very good add a new block if you don’t know then follow the below paragraph.

Follow some ways to add new block look at the below image –>> you have an option to add New block near WordPress Logo as you can see.

Add New Blocks

Also, you can add New block by just click + icon after the block where you writing the current paragraph as show in the below paragraph.

Add New Blocks

Also, you can use Short Cut Keys to Add New Block and the Short Cut Keys as shown in the below image.

Add New Blocks

#3 Search For Twitter

When You are going to Add New Block then you have to Search for Twitter then you can add the Twitter Tweet Embed option as shown in the image.

search twitter

After searching Twitter then you have to click on Twitter now you have to add The URL.

#4 Copy The Tweet URL from Twitter That You want to Embed

Now you have to Copy The Tweet URL from Twitter That You want to Embed.

If you don’t know how to copy the Twitter Tweet URL then comment me below then I definitely help you to copy the URL.

#5 Paste the URL and Press Enter

After you have Copied the Tweet URL now you have to add the Tweet URL in the box which is shown in the Image in the below.

Twitter URL

As you Saw in the Image you have to add the URL and then click Embed after that your steps will completed.

So, finally, you can embed tweets in the posts and pages by following these steps. now is the time how you can Embed the Twitter Tweet in the Home Page and in FrontPage.

Steps Of How To Embed Tweet On WordPress Websites Home Page or FrontPage.

Follow the below steps to To Embed Tweet On WordPress Websites Home Page or FrontPage. If you follow the below steps then you can easily embed the tweets on your website.

1. Go to your website homepage and click  on Customize

How To Embed Tweet On WordPress Websites step 1
How To Embed Tweet On WordPress Websites Step 2

Many WordPress websites come with a variety of themes and customization options to choose from.

As per your website’s theme, go to the customization options.

Under customization for your WordPress website, a lot of options are available from where you will be having access to embed a tweet on your website’s homepage.

2. Go to Sidebar  under Widgets

How To Embed Tweet On WordPress Websites step 3
place where you need to embed tweet step 4

Under customization options, click on widgets to access the sidebar panel.

But again as per your theme whether it is Astra, GeneratePress, you need to identify the sidebar according to it.

Under the sidebar after clicking on widgets, proceed to the right sidebar.

Here you will place the code for the embedded tweet to appear at the homepage of your WordPress website.

3. Go to Twitter Publisher website and get the embedded code

How To Embed Tweet On WordPress Websites step 5

Access the URL by opening it in another tab of your browser window. Here enter the profile URL of your twitter account to get the embedded code and press enter to proceed for the same.

4. Choose the display options according to your preference

How To Embed Tweet On WordPress Websites step 6

Twitter provides two display options to choose from which includes embedded time and twitter buttons. If you need to show your timelines on your website, access the embedded time option. In addition, for social buttons, simply access the twitter buttons option. I prefer to go for an embedded timeline option for better user interface and experience

5. Get the embedded code and option to customize the snippet

How To Embed Tweet On WordPress Websites step 8

After proceeding, the embedded code to be placed on your website is provided by Twitter. You can see the look of your snippet below the code on how it will appear on your website’s sidebar.

How To Embed Tweet On WordPress Websites step 9

Moreover, the customization option for the embedded code is also provided by Twitter.

Here, you can modify the size of the timeline snippet in pixels, language to be shown to the user.

In addition, the look whether should appear in dark mode or light mode. After doing all the changes, go to update and copy the updated embedded code.

6. Under the right sidebar, add a Text widget and place the code

embed Tweet On WordPress

After copying the code from the twitter publisher website, go the right sidebar widget in your WordPress homepage and add a text widget within it. Under this, simply paste the code and publish it.

7. Hooray! Your Twitter Snippet is Live

How To Embed Tweet On WordPress Websites thumbnail

Lastly, to conclude, embedding tweets on your WordPress website is very beneficial from a user perspective and helps you gain trust within the consumers.

Final thoughts:

Finally, you have learned all steps How To Embed Tweet On WordPress Websites. If you have any doubt then comment below to get help from me.

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