How To Create A Backup For WordPress Sites in 5 Minutes [Guide]

Hello friends, welcome to my website in this post we are going to explore How To Create A Backup For WordPress Sites in 5 Minutes.

There are many causes that push forward to Create A Backup For WordPress Sites. Are you interested to know all these things then keep reading?

Most of the Time many bloggers change their hosting and they migrate their website from one server to another server.

In this process there are possibilities you may lose any file of your website so, if you don’t have Backup files then you have the biggest loss if your site generating good revenue.

So, to prevent losses you must have to take a backup of your WordPress Website then just follow the steps to learn How To Create A Backup For WordPress Sites in 5 Minutes.

What Is WordPress Backup?

Before we are going explore WordPress Backup we must have to understand What is Backup?

If we are in the IT(Information Technology) field the Backup means the Soft Copies of the Particular Files and Data which is store in another device for future uses in case of the loss of present data.

The WordPress Backup Means the download the Data of a WordPress Website like Files and Folder in your local server or Computer.

This Copied data help you most of the time to save your website from small kind of losses. so, kindly take a backup for your website.

Also, to help you my dear friend I am going to explore How To Create A Backup For WordPress Sites in 5 Minutes.

Follow the below steps to take backup of your WordPress Website in just 5 Minutes.

Why Should Create A BackUp For WordPress Site?

These days, getting attacked by hackers or programmers with malicious intent is increasing across all sorts of websites.

These websites are mostly from the financial, e-commerce industries, and many more. Many blogging websites are also getting frequent cyber attacks and webmasters find it difficult to secure websites and their hard work.

Learning on How to create a backup for WordPress Sites specifically for bloggers and content creators is important.

Backup helps to create copies or replicating all the essential files, databases, etc. associated with the website.

This will help webmasters or owners of the website to store this crucial data at cloud storage or any other physical storage devices.

Moreover, only the owners of the website or webmasters are having the access to the backup databases.

So, let’s learn various steps on how to create a backup for your WordPress Site.

Protocols and Procedures on Creating A Backup For WordPress Sites

Every webmaster or website owner must follow certain steps, procedures, or protocols on creating a backup for your WordPress site.

Moreover, getting well versed with platforms where you will be doing a backup of all your website data is crucial. You also need to keep all the credentials secure and confidential.

1. Create Backup for WordPress Sites using  UpdraftPlus in your WordPress Dashboard

How to create backup for wordpress site step 1

Simply, move to your WordPress Dashboard and Click on Add New under Plugins Option. Simply write down in the search query for Updraft Plus. Click on the relevant plugin and activate it.

how to create backup for a wordpress site step 2

2. Under Settings, go to UpdraftPlus Backups to go to Dashboard

How to create backup for your wordpress site step 3

After installing the plugin in your WordPress website, the plugin is easy to access from Settings.

There is an option named as ‘UpdraftPlus Backups’ on which you will click and will be accessing the dashboard of the plugin on the landing page.

3. Various options are provided in the Dashboard as per your preferences to create Backup for WordPress Sites

After landing on the dashboard, you will be able to access a variety of options and features provided by the plugin.

Dashboard of wordpress backup plugin

On the dashboard, all information regarding recent backups is shown in the form of logs.

Also, a call to action button is provided which allows you to instantly create a backup version of your WordPress website in its current form.

Moreover, the list of all existing backups is there from which you can choose to restore the backup of your choice.

4. Go to settings of UpdraftPlus to set up your backup or remote storage

Go to settings of theUpdraftPlus plugin to access various options provided to you regarding remote storage options.

how to create backup for wordpress website step5

The frequency of creating backups as per your timelines is also provided for both files and database backup separately.

A lot of options regarding storage are given as per your requirement.

Moreover, some of the common remote storage options for your WordPress Website to go for are Google drive, DropBox, Microsoft Cloud Drive to name a few.

I personally prefer Google Drive for backup purposes but again as per your preference.

5. Configure and do the changes for your backup or remote storage

According to your preferences, you need to authenticate and integrate remote storage options and configure some of the settings as required.

changing settings for backup in plugin

Options are there under file backups which include plugins, themes, uploads to choose from. Moreover,  options to exclude certain files also from remote storage which includes other directories, logs and SQL databases, etc.

Furthermore, after completing all the changes, you may click on ‘Save’ to implement the changes.

6. Go to Dashboard and Click Backup Now

backup pop-up for wordpress site
backup started for the website

When the changes are done, you can access the dashboard again and click on Backup Now. A pop will appear notifying you the options regarding the backup and choose as per your needs.

existing backups

Soon, the backup will start and it is stored to the remote storage that was configured by you.

Soon, the status bar will appear describing the current status or progress regarding the backup and after completion, it will be appearing under existing backups. Hooray! Your backup is completed on WordPress

7. Exploring Advanced Tools and Migrating/Cloning

Under advanced tools, you can get access to view site information and other information regarding databases.

site information for backups

All statistics regarding current memory usage, peak memory usage, etc. can be checked. All information regarding web servers,  site size, and lock settings, etc. are available which is more related to the technical side.

Moreover, cloning is a feature under UpdraftPlus which creates a clone of your website on their servers. This feature is for testing technical features on your cloning website rather than live websites.

After changes,  you may delete the cloned website. Another feature that you can also explore is site migration which you can check here.

create backup clone for the wordpress website

Lastly, creating a backup for your website as a webmaster or owner is important and essential from a security point of view.

Moreover, backups can help in the long run in case of any technical issues, errors, etc. Also, share any suggestions or thoughts if you find this blog post helpful by shooting at or submitting your query here.

Final Thought:

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