Coronavirus (COVID-19) Tips For Students [ Guide ]

Hello, dear friends, welcome to my website in this post I am going put Coronavirus (COVID-19) Tips For Students.

These Tips May help you to come over your bad habits and by following these tips you can improve yourself.

Are interested to know all tips that can help you to change something… then keep reading up to the last line and you will get all tips.

Coronavirus, often known as SARS COVID-19, is spreading all across the world in different countries whether it is the USA, Germany, or New Zealand to name a few.

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This evil virus began to spread at the beginning of this year. Many of us have lost their loved ones and others while are battling to defeat this evil virus. As students, we are also going through a lot of emotional breakdowns and sufferings.

This can be due to staying far away from friends or family, no more on-campus teaching, lockdown in cities to name a few. So, students should be aware of some of the essential Coronavirus (COVID-19) tips.

But, we should remain positive and motivated during this pandemic and fight this battle altogether.

This blog post on Coronavirus (COVID-19) tips for students is all about sharing some valuable suggestions and tips that may help in some way during these unprecedented times.

So, let me be your friend and share some of my suggestions and tips that can help you in some way πŸ™‚


1. Try to create a Time-Table according to your schedule

I know that your classes are online for the coming months. So, try to be punctual and make a time-table according to the schedules given by your lecturer.

Create time-table coronavirus tips for students

Don’t be lazy or tired while attending classes and sit in a silent room while attending online lectures.

Get up and come up with a routine that you need to follow on time under the given deadlines.

Put efforts and complete your online assignments. Never delay anything for tomorrow and try to complete it by today.

2. Pursue your Passion, Interest, or Hobby During Coronavirus Lockdown

Everyone has a hobby, passion, or interest to pursue which they always wanted to go for. However, due to studies and other conditions, many of us are not able to pursue or continue it coming forward.

Pusue a hobby or passion coronavirus (COVID-19) tips

During this lockdown, you have a good opportunity to get back to your passion or hobby. However, hobbies or interests should be indoors due to coronavirus pandemic.

This can include playing guitar, Casio, cooking food, doing any artwork, or improving your dance skills to name a few.

Book and Magazine lovers can start reading those chapters which they left in between. Gamers and Tech geeks can improve their online gaming skills.

During this lockdown, you will be having the opportunity to explore your passion or interest which you might follow in coming years.

This can be one of the coronavirus tips for students that they should follow.

3. Spend time with your Loved Ones

Spending quality time with your parents and family members is the best time in everyone’s life.


Due to studies, co-curricular activities, traveling, and other assignments to name a few, we are not able to spend time with our parents.

During the lockdown, take this opportunity to have a deeper connection with your parents and share your thoughts or feelings you always wanted.

Discuss with them about their life experiences and learnings which will help you become a better person.

Also, try to help your parents with some household work and stuff so as to reduce a little burden on their shoulders.

4. Connect with the help of Technology


Many of us are in their exchange semester, studying as an international student or currently as a part of the Erasmus Program. Staying away from our parents, family and loved ones can make us feel sadden and alone during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, with technology advancement, we can connect with our family, teachers, and friends via video conferencing, Whastapp, or any other communication mediums.

5.  Learn a new language during the Coronavirus Lockdown

Make full use of this time by learning a new language as per your interest and choice. Learning a language comes with a lot of benefits such as boosting your brain memory and keeps your brain sharper.

This will also help you in understanding the culture, tradition, and history associated with the language. Learning a foreign language can also increase your chance of getting employable.

CORONAVIRUS TIPS learn a new language

Foreign languages also play a crucial role while applying for certain work permits or citizenship.

6. Make a habit to meditate regularly during the Coronavirus Lockdown

Making a habit to meditate regularly can bring a lot of emotional benefits to your brain and the body. Meditation will help in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression during this ongoing pandemic.

Meditation helps in eliminating negative thoughts coming into your mind. Several studies show that the people who meditate on a regular basis, show far much better performance than the people who don’t meditate.


Nowadays many people go through the problem of depression, anxiety, and stress but doing meditation will do wonders for you and your future self.

Also, meditation increases your brain power which will further benefit you in your endeavors which you want to pursue in today’s time.

7. Stay Positive: This will end soon


We all know that a healthy mind contributes to a healthy body, this is equivalent to having a positive mindset. If we think positively, we will reap positive things.

Thinking negative of any situation will do nothing but instead will push you into a distressed state which will in turn deteriorate you in the long run.

Having a positive attitude towards your life and towards the daily situations you come across will add up to your personality and will reflect towards every person.

So, instead of diverting your mind to focus on the current situations prevailing, think of the different resources and opportunities you have with you to accelerate your career and your future.

You may learn a new skill or technology.

At last, you are the only person who will determine the tide of whatever happens in your life.

So, stay positive and calm and remember, THIS SHALL TOO PASS.

Last Thought:

Lastly, I just want to conclude that the current situation may have changed the lives of everyone across the globe.

But it is in our hands to stay safe and protect our surroundings or the environment daily. STAY HEALTHY AND STAY SAFE.

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