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CareerOven is a Tech-Career Blogging Channel for like-minded people and also share my knowledge of different emerging technologies, IT skills, etc.

Here, at Career Oven, you will find the latest posts and educational information regarding new and emerging technologies, digital marketing, career guidance; focusing on Tech and other IT skills that might be useful for you to gain more information and insights for your next career move.

About the Admin

This side Chirag, your online  Buddy and the creator of Career Oven 🙂

I was born and brought up in New Delhi, the National Capital of India. Since childhood, I had been much passionate and keen to know about technology and can still recount the day when my dad bought me my first computer running Windows 95.

Throughout my high school years, I developed a lot of gaming apps and websites in my leisure time. To pursue my passion and interest, I enrolled for a bachelor’s in computer science engineering and acquired a lot of skills in data analytics, cybersecurity, digital marketing, and blogging.

I had been a keynote speaker at various tech events during my college years and was always excited to hone and develop new technical skills. It was somewhat like a hobby for me to acquire knowledge about the latest technologies.

With my expertise in digital marketing, I also honed my skills and gained exposure in the field of data analytics and growth hacking.

Apart from this, I am also a Tech Entrepreneur in the field of Digital Innovation and currently working on developing innovative technological solutions for various problems encountered by societies these days.

In my free time, I love traveling and often make a visit to Punjab and Himachal Pradesh to meet my relatives and friends.

Till then, thank you for visiting the website and I wish that you found some informative content so as to make your visit fruitful.

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Email: chirag@careeroven.com

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